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April 24, 2007

Epocrates Online – Toss Out Your PDR

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I attended a lecture by Steven Guttenberg, D.D.S., M.D. titled Update on Medical Conditions for the Dental Professional during the recent D.C. Dental Society’s Annual Meeting. Dr. Guttenberg has a private practice in Washington, D.C. along with Dr. Robert Emery - both practitioners are well-known and widely published. Dr. Guttenberg is a fan of using personal digital assistants (PDA’s to most people) for his drug reference needs.

He recommends using Epocrates Online to look up drug information, contraindications and to identify medications. How many times has a patient described the pill but can’t remember the name? On Epocrates you can look up a tablet by size, shape, color and any marks or scoring. It’s all online and free. Dr. Guttenberg recommends looking up a drug’s information sheet and printing it out to send home with the patient. He also likes using Epocrates to cross reference medications - up to 30 at a time. Registration was simple but not necessary to look up drug information.

If you own a PDA, you will love their modules designed specifically for this use. Many medical schools now require PDA’s of all their students. I’m not sure of dental school requirements but I can see how a PDA could help a student immensely. Check out Epocrates Online - I’d love feedback on it.

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